Audis-New-Electric-FactoryAfter the Volkswagen scandal, the group have decided to produce more and more electric vehicles as a means to move away from diesel based vehicles which severely decremented the reputation of the group. Therefore the likes of Audi and Skoda will be producing electric vehicles in larger quantities than before. In order to do this then, factories will have to take the brunt of the production and Audi have apparently set their sights on one already.

On the 30th September, Audi’s first ever North American production plant will open in San Jose Chiapa, central Mexico. Costing $1.3 billion to create, this plant’s sole purpose will be the creation of the Audi Q5 crossover SUV. For the time being the factory will be producing petrol versions of the vehicle, but it has been rumoured that the factory in the not so distant future, will produce the highly successful Q5 with an all electric powertrain. The reason for why this rumour has circulated, is because multiple employees are apparently learning how to fit electric powertrains in Q5’s.

The all electric Q5 crossover was recently released as a concept with plans for delivery in 2018. The e-tron Quattro concept’s technical data states that the vehicle will be able to complete the 0-60mph sprint in 4.6 seconds, whilst also having an all electric range of 300 miles. If this is possible, than the all electric Audi Q5 crossover could be an extremely fast selling vehicle.

The soon to be opened factory will have production targets of 150,000 Q5’s a year at the start. But, with plans for an EV version alongside its ever increasing popularity, Audi will certainly have to increase the amount of vehicles produced in order to be able to compete with consumer demand.