Audi is set to roll out a rental service worldwide that allows customers to hire its luxury cars.

The service, called Audi On Demand, initially launched in 2015 in San Francisco. From a mobile app, a customer can rent a Audi for a day or up to a month. A wide range of models are available, from the A4 sports sedan to the R8 supercar. Depending on the model, the prices range from $120 to $1,145 a day.

After a successful trial, the service was expanded to Munich and Beijing. Audi now plans to expand it to 15 new markets by 2020.

Compared to the other car rental services, Audi On Demand functions in a similar manner to Zipcar, which allows you to select a certain model of car.

The reservation process is simple and easy to use. The customer is asked to select the date and time for their reservation, pickup and drop-off times and locations plus the desired vehicle. The car is then delivered to the customer by a concierge.

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