Audi have opened the door to the possibility of competing in Formula 1.

The brand – part of the VW stable – has always given a hard ‘No’ to any suggestion that it might launch a team within the sport. Recently however, Lamborghini chief Stefano Domenicali has been representing VW and Audi at F1 meetings, regarding the post-2020 engine regulations.

The head of Audi motor sport, Dieter Gass, did go on record to say that the VW diesel emissions scandal has complicated the situation.

“This is probably not the right moment,” he admitted. This less then effusive response does offer a slight change to the firm rebuttals the line of questioning has provoked in previous years; the response being slightly more ambiguous. To date, Audi continues to be a contributor to the 2021 engine discussions. This doesn’t necessarily have any imminent meaning however; all major brands are invited to participate regardless of their operational history within the sport.

“All current and potential manufacturers were invited by the FIA and it is good that we are there,” said Gass.

“Of course, Stefano knows the subject matter very well and keeps me informed of developments,” he added.

Audi has never participated in Formula 1, despite enjoying plenty of success in other areas of motorsport. Could this be about to change?

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