Audi Advert

German car maker Audi has put its foot in it big time after launching an advert in China that compares women to second hand cars.

In the advert, a wedding ceremony is interrupted by the groom’s mother, who insists on checking out his bride-to-be for defects, including teeth and behind her ears.

After the bride passes the inspection, the mother in law gives the thumbs up and the ceremony can recommence until it is paused once again by the in-law, who indicates she forgot to check the woman boobs.

A voiceover then reads “An important decision must be made carefully”.

Naturally, angry women have taken to the Chinese equivalent of Twitter to voice their discontent.

“Has Audi lost its mind to compare women to second hand cars,” said one comment on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

“Withdraw the video from the Internet and apologise in public!” said another.

Audi’s publicity in China was unavailable for comment.

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