We recently reported that there were huge floods in the South Western German state of Baden-Württemberg as a result of the storms which travelled across Europe over the May bank holiday weekend. A result of the storms and the floods occurring was the halting of production in Audi’s second largest production plant which employs 16,000 people, produces 1,300 cars a day and 272,103 a year. At 25 million square metres, the Audi plant based in Neckarsulm produces Audi’s most luxurious vehicles including the A5, A7 and the R8 sports car.


It is now known that the Audi production plant has resumed action and the time which it took for this to occur was very rapid.  It has been stated that the whole cleanup operation and the preparation to ensure that more production could continue, was all undertaken in a matter of only a couple of hours. A statement was released by a spokesperson from the factory noting that production resumed again as soon as the late shift started. The time this occurs is 12:30 GMT so therefore; the functionality of the production plant to ensure that production restarted as soon as possible is unquestionable. It really is German efficiency at its best.

Sadly however, for those who are interested anyway, there has been no statement concerning the amount of vehicles that Audi weren’t able to produce whilst the factory work was halted. We would also be interested to know how fast they will be able to make up for lost time and produce the cars that they couldn’t manage when the factory was flooded.