The German luxury automotive company have been experimenting with a new feature that may just be one of the last mysteries left to conquer in the autonomous driving world. Codenamed Jack, this concept which has been tested on an A7 platform, is the most harmonious autonomous vehicle to date.

The concept has just recently been tested on both the Autobahn and a few highways surrounding Las Vegas, and the results look promising. The new autonomous technology allows for the vehicle to adapt to different driving situations much like a human would in day to day driving. This has been a vital link of which many automotive companies have been trying to conquer.


The vehicle shows intelligence in all driving situations. Whether in traffic or not, the car can now adapt. For example, the Audi A7 safely slowed down to allow a vehicle to enter its lane whilst also safely shifting over to allow for a lorry to have more space in an adjacent lane. But, what the vehicle seems to have moved more towards, which is most impressive, is harmony on the roads. The idea of having autonomous vehicles on the road is surrounded by an eventual harmonious road system. The final idea is that the autonomous vehicles will be able to connect with each other and harmoniously move around cities. This would inevitably lead to less traffic, less accidents and also less pollution.

Audi has already created multiple systems for assisted driving.  Including the traffic jam assist function, which is now available in the Audi A4 and Audi Q7, Audi are certainly pushing the autonomous technology boundaries. Although this was the first test, the results look extremely positive and before we know it, the ‘Jack’ technology will rapidly increase. Audi is most certainly a pioneer in this extremely interesting field and we can’t wait to see what they will be producing next…