Audi-May-SalesAt the beginning of a new month, it is always interesting to see how well companies have performed in the previous month. And with Audi, there is added interest because of the links to the Volkswagen group and the scandal which has plagued them since September 2015. Yet Audi have put in an excellent sales performance in May which only bolsters an excellent start to 2016. Although, no matter how well the German company have performed, they still can’t seem to out sell their rival Mercedes.

Although this is an issue for Audi, increasing sales will only ever be a positive. Overall, Audi have seen 784,250 vehicles sold from the start of the year which is an increase of 5.3 percent from the previous year. For May in particular, Audi sold 239,118 vehicles which is an increase of 5.8 percent on May 2015.  When separate markets are studied, many of them have seen excellent growth. Audi Australia has seen a 4.0 increase, Audi China has seen a 5.5 percent increase in sales whilst Audi North America has seen a 3.8 percent growth. The Chinese market is of course one of the most valuable automotive markets in the world right now so an increase is always going to be a good sign. But, it is the European sales which have really boosted Audi’s overall global sales. With an increase of 9.7 percent, 76,000 vehicles were sold in Europe during May, of which 28,031 can be found in their home market.

Certain vehicles also saw huge increases in sales. The two of these are the A4 which saw an increase of 16 percent whilst the Audi Q7 SUV saw a huge 79.6 percent increase in sales globally.

Audi Sales and Marketing boss, Dietmar Voggenreiter said that, ‘May once again showed that our new models are finding strong acceptance in the market.’ This statement can only be agreed with as well…