Audi in Trouble in South KoreaThe emissions scandal is getting rather boring now. We keep talking about it, the motoring world keeps talking about it and yet the big automotive companies still keep doing it or at least new information keeps arising. The biggest news concerning the scandal was of course Volkswagen and the Volkswagen group. Then more recently Mitsubishi in Japan and now, Audi-Volkswagen have found themselves in a lot of trouble in South Korea.

The headquarters of Audi-Volkswagen were raided by South Korean authorities in both March and April of this year in regards to claims that there had been emissions rigging taking place. But more recently however, the headquarters were raided again and documents were seized. What has occurred, according to the authorities, is that Audi-Volkswagen have manipulated and inflated the fuel economy of many vehicles in order to increase sales in South Korea. The documents seized in Seoul, apparently indicate this manipulation.

It is rumoured that the documents seized show a clear difference between statistics given to the South Korean government and statistics received from the German headquarters. If it is found that statistics have been manipulated, then the company and the head of Audi-Volkswagen Korea could be in a lot of trouble. The CEO could face a five year prison sentence and a large fine for the fabrication of official documents, the obstruction of justice and the breaking of the Clean Air Conservation Act. Whilst Audi-Volkswagen, could face huge fines for breaking multiple environmental laws and they may face the possibility of losing 2 percent of the revenue as a fine for falsely advertising the faulty cars.

The company seem to be in a lot of trouble in South Korea at the moment. The vehicles which were made in 2015, have all failed the Euro 5 and 6 laws. There are reportedly only three models affected. These models affected being the Audi A1, A3 and the Volkswagen Gold 1.6 TDI. This time round it seems as if Audi more than Volkswagen, will have to take the brunt of this scandals fallout…

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