Audi in the music industry? We can only assume that you wouldn’t have believed that it would, and actually has occurred. We are aware that many motoring companies have branched out and have been instrumental in other industries. For example, Mercedes have branched into the nautical industry, Ford in the synthetics industry and BMW into the sports industry. So, why have Audi decided to branch into the music industry? Well they haven’t as such, but what they have done is help to engineer the first ever 3D song.

Stereos in cars have been popular for a long time now and the systems are only getting better. We now see big speaker companies’ products being utilised in many cars. In most cars these days you will see the likes of Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Hertz and Bose Sound. Of course the luxury car manufacturers will have the luxury speakers but still, it is fair to say that most modern cars will have a good set of speakers. Audi in this regard are no different, and their A4 with 19 speakers may possibly have the best speaker system possible.


So, Audi and their 19 speaker A4 have teamed up with Swedish music duo Cazzette and singer Laleh to create the first ever 3D song. Using the 19 Bang & Olufsen speakers, the luxury German car manufacturer have been able to create a new vertical layer of sound. It has been said that this new layer gives the music a new height and hence, makes it 3D.

The song will make its official debut on 23rd May through the Audi’s A4, available in Swedish showrooms. It will therefore only be available to listen in the 3D, if the A4 is purchased. For any music lovers, it must be an interesting experience and for car lovers, you get to drive the excellent A4. For those car and music lovers, well, you’ll get the best of both worlds.