Audi-Have-New-Air-FiltersIn the fight to keep people safe from dangerous emissions and allergens, Audi have taken the next step in ensuring that the driver and those in the cabin are safe from the fumes of the road. It may not seem like a huge achievement for the German based luxury company but, they may have finally made a filter which can eradicate all allergens which can be found in the vehicles cabin too. So, let Servicing Stop introduce you to the Audi Air Conditioning Advance.

Audi have managed to accomplish this by creating two different styled filters each with three levels. The first level, which is created from a plant based bioactive substances called polyphenols. These polyphenols cuts down on allergens which may try entering the cabin. The differences between the two different types of filters are generally found in this outer layer. The outer layer can be changed depending on your choice. The second and third layers are therefore similar in both types of air filter systems. The second filter removes the smallest particles which try to enter the cabin whilst the third and final layer removes any gas particles that may be found on the road side.

Audi has had the filters tested by special testing institutions like SGS Fresenius and Fiatec GmbH. By using these companies, Audi has confirmed the high effectiveness of the new filters.

The filters will be installed in a range of Audi’s new vehicles. So expect the Audi A1, A3, Q3, Q2 and the TT to all have the very best air filters available. For those that own these models already, you will be offered the option of having them installed during your next Audi car service.

The advancement of technology is what the automotive industry is branching out to. It will be interesting to see if these filters will be used in other industries at all…