Audi-Halts-Production-in-German-FactoryThe May bank holiday weekend showed us huge weather differences across Europe. Some of us enjoyed the sun in vast amounts, whereas others had to suffer through huge storms which caused havoc to daily life. In central Europe the storms occurred, and on the first Tuesday back after the bank holiday, we are feeling them here in the UK. So, how has this storm affected Audi? Well, as the title suggests, Audi have had to halt production in one of their factories as a result of flooding.

The Audi factory affected is the German luxury company’s second biggest production unit in Germany. Created in their second largest plant are their most luxurious vehicles. With over 16,000 people hired in this specific plant, they manage to produce around 1,300 cars a day and 272,103 vehicles a year. The vehicles manufactured at this plant are the best Audi have to offer. These vehicles include the A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 and the R8 sports car. Therefore, the vehicles produced here may set the company back financially considering their price tag and the quantity with which they are made and bought by.

The 1.25 million square metre Audi plant, which is based in Neckarsulm in the South Western German state of Baden-Württemberg, stopped production on Sunday night as a result of extremely heavy flooding. As of yet, the German automotive outfit haven’t stated when they will reopen but hopefully, it will be soon. The floods in the south western German state have been so bad that it has been reported that there have been four deaths so far. We really don’t think that the plant will open any time soon, but as soon as it does, we will let you know.

The factory is built upon a river and henceforth, the bursting of its bank may have contributed to its temporary closure. Mercedes-Benz has a factory in the same state (just 65km away) and that hasn’t been affected. Although the closure of a factory is bad news, our thoughts go out to those who have been hit hardest by the flooding.