Audi-gets-stuck-on-top-of-a-gas-main-after-ploughing-through-roadworksAs revellers left the pub in Cradley Heath high street, West Midlands, they might have been forgiven for doing a double take.

Sitting opposite the pub in an enormous hole in the ground and resting on a major gas main was an Audi, seemingly abandoned by its owner.

The car had clearly been accidently driven through roadworks fencing off the gas main repairs before coming to rest in the manhole.

Mechanic Tom Humphries, 23, said: “They’ve driven straight though a metal fence and into the manhole, totally ignoring the roadworks.

“We were on a pub crawl and had just come round the corner and it must have come shooting down the road and not noticed anything.

“Everyone was wondering, ‘How’d he do that?’ It’s not a little pothole. It’s huge.”

Onlookers were left wondering how the car had managed to fall into the hole.

“We found it funny to be honest – how could you not see the roadworks? It’s quite a big hole and they landed right on top of a valve.

Gas engineers made the area safe amid fears of an explosion and a truck winched the motor out yesterday.

West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene on Cradley High Street at 11:27pm.

A spokesperson said: ”The occupants of the car had left the scene prior to the crews’ arrival. The crews made the vehicle safe.

The driver had run away before police officers arrived at the Cradley High Street

“The gas and electricity boards both confirmed that services were not affected.”

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said that the car had been abandoned by the time officers arrived.

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