Audi-and-Their-5-SeriesAudi, like many companies, will offer multiple different versions of specific cars in order to sell in many different markets. For example, there may be a sports option, and then a more standard version. Audi therefore introduce a ‘Sports’ version as well as a ‘Racing Sport’ version of their vehicles. So, the A5 and S5 have just recently been officially unveiled to the public, and already we have seen the RS5 testing on the roads. So, what should we expect to see?

Well, from what we’ve seen and with the rumours concerning the vehicle, we expect it to be an extremely powerful vehicle. It has been argued that the RS5 will ditch the engine which can be found in the 5 Series already. Instead, we should expect to see twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6 which will allow the car to compete and possibly beat the likes of the BMW M4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63. Considering these are the German company’s rivals, Audi may actually be able to dominate the executive coupe market globally. The engine will however not be the only performance related upgrade as the suspension, brakes and steering will all be tuned in order to maximise performance.

The vehicle as it upgrades to the Racing Sport category, will definitely receive a slightly new design via a big and aggressive body kit. This body kit will involve an RS specific grille, bumpers, side skirts and much larger alloys. In regards to the interior, the motoring world has received no information. Although many believe that the interior will copy the likes of the Audi TT’s.

In essence, the RS5 will apparently perform as close to the TT model as possible, whilst looking like the 5 Series. There is also no release date as of yet, but we expect it to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, we can’t wait…