Audi-Already-Looking-at-SpeedThere is no doubt that vehicles are being designed to go quicker and consumers love the bigger and better powertrains which these vehicles’ upgrades are being equipped with. The biggest and best luxury companies, especially the German outfits, are extremely good in this engineering and sales department. For example, Mercedes have their AMG subdivision, BMW have their M division and Audi have their S and the RS divisions too.

So, with Audi set to release the Q2 crossover this autumn, have they already been thinking about the upgraded version of the vehicle? The answer to this question is yes they have. It has been rumoured that the German luxury company have already made plans to create an SQ model which will serve as a sportier version of the crossover SUV. Audi’s board member for technical development, Stefan Knirsch, has been quoted in saying that the SQ ‘is something we’re looking at. It would be relatively easy to do with MQB. The Q2 shares a lot with the A3, but we have to see what appetite there is for the more expensive Q2 models first.’

When the SQ2 arrives, which is expected to be in 2018, there will of course be a huge change to the powertrains in order to better the vehicles performance. It is expected that the SQ2 will ditch the 2.0 litre three-cylinder engine for a more powerful turbocharged 2.0 litre four cylinder engine. We also expect to see the brakes, steering and suspension tweaked in order to enhance the crossovers SUV.

The SQ2 will not be too big a challenge to undertake. It is well known that the SQ2 would be quite an easy task because it shares the same powertrains as the A3 and the S3. These vehicles also share the same MQB platform. Either way, we are rather excited to see what the SQ2 will be able to do. We are also excited for the inevitable news that there will be an RSQ2 later too…