Sensational rumours circulating around the automotive industry claim that Audi are developing a TT GT3 model.

The lightweight supreme performance Audi TT will be one of three models which are currently in the company’s plans but haven’t yet been released. If released, the TT GT3 will be the best performing vehicles in the TT range.

Its lightweight prospects are quite astonishing considering that it will have a five cylinder engine, a roll cage and an all-wheel system built in. The overall kerb weight of the vehicle is hoped to be around 1000 kg.

That all about engine information, which everybody wants to know, has been kept under wraps so far. Experts believe that the engine will be the same as that within the Audi TT RS, which is also a 2.5 litre engine, hitting a total of 335 BHP.

As we have mentioned many times in our blog, the all cars within the Volkswagen Group will eventually come with a MQB platform. This helps the vehicle reduce its weight, therefore making vehicles more fuel efficient. The introduction of the singular platform helps the group save money in terms of production costs.

The 2010 Quattro concept is said to be the inspiration for the Audi TT GT3. Mechanical functionalities within the concept are expected to be used within the GT3.

Other vehicles expected to be made include a 282 MPG four seat city car. This is expected to be similar to the Audi A1. There are plenty of high hopes for this car, with it expected to be the most economical family car on the market.

At the moment the companies number one showcase car is the Audi R8. Audi are reportedly planning to develop a vehicle which sits higher than that, running diesel and electric technology together. Known as a hybrid hypercar, it may be named the R10.

Other cars in the pipeline include an Audi Q7 which is expected to be 350kg lighter than the current model. A sub Q3 sports utility vehicle on top of a new SUV, fitting in between the Q3 and the Q5 is also possible.

The 2014 Audi Q7 will also receive the platform material of mixing the likes of aluminium, steel and carbon fibre, to bring about a more lightweight vehicle.

We hope the rumours are true and that Audi will release a brand new GT3 TT.