The SUV is hugely popular at this moment in time, but even more popular than that, is the compact and/or crossover SUV. They seem to be dominating many markets including Europe, India and China and their sales do not look like stopping. Therefore, companies are consistently updating and creating new crossover SUV’s to keep on driving sales.

The SUV is Getting Smaller and SmallerAudi in this regard are no different. They have the Q5 amongst many other similar looking models in their Q Series and soon, the release of the Q2 will add another dimension to Audi’s ever growing range of luxury vehicles. The Q2 as you can guess is a premium compact crossover which will fit in between the Q1 and the Q3. One of the main selling points of this vehicle is its size. Based on Audi’s A3 platform, the vehicle will be a very small crossover SUV. Being just 4.19 metres long and wider than other vehicles in the Q Series, the Q2 is stout and should be compared to a rugby player more than anything.

The-SUV-is-Getting-Smaller-and-Smaller2The second selling point of the Q2 is a very clever piece of brand marketing. Being far cheaper than many of Audi’s fleet, the vehicle will attempt to bring in a new generation of Audi owners. Audi have even stated that the Q2 is aimed specifically at ‘Generation Y’. By doing this, the German automotive manufacturer will then have a select group of followers who will hopefully always continue to purchase vehicles from the luxury brand. The plan so far seems to be working too. Apparently, 40 percent of interest shown in the Q2 has come from drivers who have never owned an Audi, so it certainly looks promising.

The plan seems to be working for Audi there is no doubt about that. Hopefully the Q2 will be impressive and bring in the next generation of loyal owners. But, with the new vehicle, Audi are running the risk of damaging A1 and A3 sales, is it a smart decision then?