The Audi A4 has been updated and is looking better than ever. The new A4 series is set to get an Allroad crossover, Avant Estate, and a S4 variant too.

Official pictures were released yesterday of the family saloon. Could the timing have anything to do with BMW releasing official images of the facelifted BMW 3 Series?

Audi have updated the car in terms of looks, performance, and mechanical engineering components amongst other attributes. They are clearly doing their bit to ensure the car remains one of the best in its particular class.

The exterior design has a few significant changes. The standout LED headlights are of the same design of those installed on both the A5 and A6. The front has a slightly newer design to with a more updated design of the air takes placed on opposite sides of the bumper. The front grille is also slightly modified.

The back sees a set of twin exhausts, which will be standard amongst all variants. That will give away a look of power straight away.

A wider profile along with the car being lower will add to the car’s attractive look. It will also create more room in the interior.

Overall it’s safe to say that the German giants wanted to keep the car’s strong family image but add some subtle sporty elements at the same time. When launched, it will be considered one of the most stylish family cars on the road, with many proud to own one.

As always with newer revitalised models across all brands, the engine line up is made to be a lot more efficient and economical.

Various efficiency technologies have been implemented as standard across the Audi A4 range. The Stop/Start feature is included as standard, which turns off the car when it is idle and starts the engine when the car needs to drive off. The brake regeneration feature along with electronic power steering will add to the list of technology that will cut fuel consumption and effectively lessen carbon emissions.

It’s not only the efficiency of the car’s that have been updated, the refinement to the drive has improved too. Shock absorbers within the suspension have been modified to provide a comforting ride. With the S line models, the suspension receives a sportier type of system with the ride being more suited to a faster type of car.

By the sounds of the Audi A4, it will be a very competitive rival to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW 3 Series.