audi-s7 Both the Audi S6 and S7 are destined for India later on this year. It has caused a great deal of hype within the luxury market of the country which is on the up.

Remarkable progress by Audi

Last year BMW secured the top spot in that specific segment but Audi were not too far behind. With the likes of the S6 and S7 they are bound to continue their excellent growth in India. They are the fastest growing luxury car manufacturer in the world. Breaking through in a market like India can be described as a remarkable achievement.

The Audi S7 looks

The new S7 has a unique looking front grille with beautifully designed fog lamps. It is of course based upon the Audi A7 but the differences between the two are strikingly obvious. The 20 inch alloy wheels come with low profile tyres which help the sporty and performance too. Those types of tyres give the vehicle a lower sense of gravity and lessen the weight to allow the car to speed off quicker. The rear view of the car is a wonderful sight. There are four quad exhausts which look extremely menacing.

The interior

The interior of the car has some beautiful features including the leather / Alcantara seats. The bucket seats give away the look of speed and sportiness. A BOSE sound system will come as standard in both the S6 and S7.

The S7’s

The engine is the most impressive thing about the Audi S7. In comes a twin turbo TFSI V8 petrol engine, which will also be seen in the Audi S6. It is able to output a total of 420 BHP as well as 550Nm of torque. The direct fuel injection engine is attached to a seven speed dual clutch which works perfectly. There is no turbo lag whatsoever thanks to the twin turbocharger. When you want power, you’ll get it with almost immediate effect.

Cylinder de-activation

The car also features a cylinder de-activation system which has been pretty much standard across most of the luxury car market in recent times. This stops prevents cylinders from being opened when they are not needed, meaning the vehicle is a lot cleaner and   environmentally friendly.

Excellent handling

The S7 drives extremely well as you may have expected. The adaptive air suspension and all wheel drive system ensures that the car has excellent handling. Speed sensitive steering also contributes to that major attribute.