s3The new Audi S3 saloon will sit right at the top of the new A3 saloon range. The high performance model has already received plenty of rave reviews already from many car magazines.

It sits at 25mm lower than the original A3 saloon. This gives the vehicle a sportier look and with a lower gravity the car is a lot more agile. There are greater air intakes, which is essential to provide extra cooling to the engine.

The power of the S3 saloon

Being the most powerful vehicle in the range, the S3 saloon will come with an outstanding turbocharged 2.0 litre four cylinder engine, producing 296 BHP and 280lb ft of torque. All four wheels will be driven using a Haldex system through the famous Quattro system. The car will hit 0 – 62 MPH in just 4.9 seconds with the S-tronic gearbox or 5.3 seconds via the six speed manual.

This nearly now brings Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW on par within this specific category of vehicle. Mercedes will release the CLA whereas BMW will eventually release what could be known as the 2 Series. It will be hard to beat the S3 saloon in terms of high performance of each variation.

Three Engine Choices

Three engines will come with the vehicle, all being four cylinder engines and all turbocharged. The entry level engine is a 1.4 litre TFSI petrol which is capable of hitting 138 BHP and 184 lb/ft of torque. Next up is the 1.8 litre TFSI litre which is able to produce 178 BHP and hit 184lb ft of torque. This is able to reach 0 – 62 MPH in 7.3 seconds. The diesel vehicle, a 2.0 litre TDI hits 148 BHP and 236lb ft of torque. The best thing about this specific engine is that it hit 67.3 MPG.

You’ll get a choice of either a six speed manual gearbox or a twin clutch S-tronic. Sport mode on the vehicle brings out the best in it. With a sport mode on the S3 saloon can reach higher revs.

Altogether the kerb weight of the car is 1205kg,. The engine and bonnet combined weight approximately just over 100kg according to Audi.

Again is looks very similar to the Audi A4, only slightly smaller. Audi has been insisting that the S3 Saloon is completely independent from the A4.