We have already reviewed the new Audi A4 in our article titled the “The new generation Audi A4” on the 27th October. Today we take a further in depth look into a variant due for release, the A4 TDIe 136. It comes across as a stunning vehicle that has all the credentials to rival the BMW 3 Series.

BMW have begun development of the new generation of 3 Series vehicles in Germany. Until then, the new generation Audi A4 looks to be quite an intimidating rival.

The bumpers as well as the headlights have been restyled. They now look sportier and have a more attractive look about them. The refreshed look appears to have done the car a lot of good. Inside, the more equipment is available along with a nicely designed interior.

Efficiency all round

With every new generation of every car, you can bet that economy efficiency is on the top of their agenda, amid Government emission regulations and fuel prices at their highest level. Audi have not let anyone down in that respect. The new TDIe 136 receives a brilliant 2.0 litre engine. The efficiency of this engine alone is enough to make it the best selling variant of the Audi A4. The car emits just 112g/km of C02 which is slightly more than the BMW 3 Series, which emits just 109g/km with its EfficientDynamics technology.

11 per cent of fuel savings are made on this particular model according to Audi. The host of fuel savings and eco friendly technology includes the now famous stop/start system and brake energy recuperation. These two pieces of technology are very effective and make the most out of situations where normally the car would waste energy and fuel unnecessarily. The electromechanical steering system also helps with lowering the car’s C02 emission by around 7g/km.

Audi have rivalled BMW’s Eco Pro mode with their very own range of driving options. This includes a specific option which ensures power steering, throttle actuation, air conditioning and gear shifting patterns are utilised in the most efficient way possible.


Price: £26.555

Power: 136 BHP

Top Speed: 128 MPH

Acceleration: 0 – 62 MPH in 9.2 seconds

Fuel Economy: 65.7 MPG

C02 emissions: 112g/km