Audi have released images and details of a new concept car, the Audi A2. The car will be fully electric and will be shown at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Not too much revealed at this stage

Audi are certainly playing their cards very close to their chest so far, with no images released with few details to go with that. It would seem that the company want to build up the great anticipation for its display at the motor show.

The last Audi A2

The last Audi A2 was dropped due to it being very unpopular with customers. It was available from 1999 to 2005. The new A2 will be completely rejuvenated and will look to direct itself away from the disappointment of the last one. From the sketches, it does however appear that there are some similarities in terms of the bodywork.

What we do know

As of yet we don’t know the performance statistics of the car, such as the 0-60mph rating or the horsepower.  Audi have said that electric powered car will be highly efficient in terms of being economical and providing a great and fulfilling driving experience at the same time. What we do know is the overall dimensions of the car which will be:

  • Length: 3.8m
  • Width:1.69m
  • Height: 1.49m

This means the car will be very compact. It will be taller than the Audi A1 but shorter. Audi have stated that the car will be roomy and practical in the cabin. Despite the small size of the car, Audi plans to make plenty of space within the car.


If you have seen any new Audi’s recently, you may have noticed that some have uniquely styled headlights. The A2 will have what is described as the newer generation of Audi headlights, described as the Matrix Beam. The high beam lights will not distract oncoming drivers and will contain daytime running lights too.

It has been mentioned that the car will act as a direct rival to the BMW i3, which is planned for release in the future. This won’t be until 2013 when it is released. It has also been confirmed that the car will come in both petrol and diesel as well as being electric powered.