The Audi TT Coupe took the UK market by storm when it arrived in 1999. The car was stunning piece of machinery to look at, to sit in and to drive. The first generation is still quite popular today with many still being on the road. We take a look at some of our favourite features.

Stunning Design

The car looked so good that many would buy it for the design alone. It has become something of an icon, with no other vehicles looking like it in any way shape or form. The interior was able to match the magnificent exterior design. It has some beautiful touches, in terms of the colour coding and materials used.

The Coupe is the more practical option

This article shouldn’t be confused with the Audi TT Roadster, which is also a fantastic car in its own right. The coupe offered more space and was very practical, considering the type of category that it was placed in. It was a comfortable car to sit in with seats in the back, which aren’t for adults. The seats at the back are design more for small children or for neatly adding to the already decent boot space.

The drive and performance of all variants will not let anyone down. A thrilling and exciting drive is what the owner gets when they put their foot down, not to mention one that is also soothing when the car is cruising. The four wheel drive versions give better handling with a firm grip to the road.  The suspension is solid and is designed to provide sharp handling. The body shape of the coupe is also a lot more solid, with that firm and stable feeling spreading to the feel of the drive.

Later on in 2003 the V6 3.2 Litre engine arrived and was one of the better choices in terms of providing power and great acceleration. The semi-auto DSG gearbox that went along with the car as an option complimented the engine, making the two a great combination.

The first generation was replaced after 7 years in 2006. The fact the car last that long was a testament to how much quality there was in terms of design, performance and engineering.

The first Audi TT Coupe is a car that has been one of Audi’s major success stories.