The new Audi A5 has been unleashed for test drivers to give their opinion. So there has been a great amount of positivity surrounding the car. It’s so good that one expert reviewer claimed that this is Audi’s best attempt to rival the BMW 3 Series since 2007.

The new Audi A5 is sporty, looks great and contains a number of enhancements throughout from the exterior to inside the cabin.

Improved looks

As you would expect, the new A5 is incredibly stylish and has very appealing looks. Although the car hasn’t been re-designed as much as the 3 Series, it has had some touch-ups which allows the car to appear more sporty.

The headlamps have been replaced with ones that appear to be more modern and consist of a more attractive design.

The eye catching Audi LED running daytime lights will be included but with a difference. They are now in shape of an angular LED strip which brightens up during the daytime, providing owners with a bonus safety feature. Residents of the UK would find this especially attractive as we tend to experience gloomy and drearier days than brighter ones.

The car’s front grille has lower air intakes. This helps the engines circulation as well as adding to the style of the car. The fog lights appear to be lower on the A5.

On the rear the car has a different pattern of lights in the way that they function. Now owners will be able to utilise bright, modern or energy efficient LED lighting.

The new stop start system along with electronic steering adds to the car’s list of technology updates.

The car is naturally made more fuel and eco efficient with revised engines. They contain a host of different technologies which enable the engine to save customers from visiting the petrol pumps as often.

Improved engines

The 177 BHP diesel engines offer a great amount of efficiency but may not satisfy those who require a great deal of power.

The new 1.8 TFSI engine has a number of improvements includes valves that are a lot more intelligent, more effective fuel injection as well turbochargers along with a greater power difference compared to the engine that it replaces.