The Audi TT Roadster diesel was a trend setter when it was originally released, being fairly efficient and sporty at the same time.
The problem with the vehicle is that it has not quite lived up to the high standards that it once held. The car is however still regarded as one of the best on the UK market. It does have its rivals including the Mercedes-Benz SLK.

The SLK has the edge on looks in our opinion. The Audi TT was spectacular when it first arrived here on the UK market but has not evolved a lot since the launch. The S Line models are essential for those who require a more aggressive look to their vehicle. The Mercedes has a wonderfully stylish modern design.

The interior also does not compare well to the SLK. Mercedes’ brand new COMAND Online infotainment system is the ultimate winner. The Audi will come with an optional £1,685 package which comes with a DVD based satellite navigation system.
What many people love about the TT is that it really feels like a sports car inside. The steering wheel is flat bottomed and the driving position is super low. Sports seats will cost an extra £2,350.  The fabric hood of the car takes just 15 seconds to be raised.

There are some neat practical touches within the interior. This includes a largely sized glove box and iPod storage within.
Some reviews have given the car a poor rating when it comes to comfort. Both the driver and the passenger will feel the bumps and uneven road surfaces. The MMI connection is said to be flawed thanks to the harsh ride. The magnetic dampers will prove to be money well spent, costing £1,175.

The problem with the 2.0 litre Audi TT TDI is that the engine proves to be quite noisy. The SLK has a nice aggressive engine noise in comparison. The Quattro transmission is one of the pluses of the vehicle however.
When efficiency is concerned, the Audi TT diesel returns 37.7 MPG. Although that is quite a good return, the Mercedes SLK is perhaps better in that respect. The TT will also cost more in tax compared to the Mercedes.