Audi have announced that their new TT RS plus model is edging closer to being released, adding to the current TT RS line-up.

Top speed

The brand new model will come available as either a Coupe or a Roadster. Both models will have the potential to a top speed of 174 MPH. No one will reach those sorts of speeds but it is good to know that the car is capable of such power.

A new engine or fine tuning?

The maximum amount of power from the engine will read at 360 BHP. The same 2.5 TFSI petrol engine achieves these figures, so how did Audi improve the performance of these vehicles?  Audi fine tuned the engine in order for it to offer a greater performance. The choice of a manual or S-Tronic twin clutch transmission also helps to enhance vehicle’s performance. The vehicle is now able to hit 0 – 62 MPH in just 4.1 seconds.

Excellent economical values

Both the Coupe and Roadster variants achieve a splendid 33.2 MPG and 32.8 MPG respectively.

Audi’s Space Frame

The Audi TT RS contains a lightweight body helping to increase the vehicle’s acceleration and economy at the same time. Audi have utilised their Audi Space Frame (ASF) body work upon the vehicle, meaning that aluminium will be present throughout the front and rear.

Exterior improvements

The amazing looking 19 inch alloy wheels have what is known as a rotor design. These are a fantastic upgrade from the previous 18 inch wheels which are available on the current generation Audi TT RS.

The front grille now comes with an aluminium border with a differently designed mesh, looking like a wonderful upgrade. The door mirrors are now made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer material (CFRP). The sports exhaust has also been modified in terms of it’s looks.

Optional extras within

Satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Audi’s Music Interface system comes as an optional extras.

Will the car be a success?

Later on this month the Audi TT RS Plus will be available to order, starting from a price at £48,945. First deliveries are expected to occur in the summer. A normal Audi TT RS will cost £45,860. Will the Plus version add some more spice to the TT RS line-up? We believe that the car will go on to be a huge success.