The highly anticipated Audi S3 is due for release next year in the summer months. Spy shots of the car have been released over the internet. Fans and automotive journalists have all reacted with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Available in more than just a hatchback

Audi have been testing their new S3 model with the main exterior features of the car being covered up. Although the testing car revealed a three door sporty hatchback, the new S3 will be available in a five door hatchback model and a saloon model too.

Not much given away so far

From the images it is difficult to tell apart the Audi A3 from the S3. The only difference is that there are quad exhausts pipes on the car, not the usual twin oval exhausts seen on RS variants. Don’t forget that the spy shots have not revealed all. When the car hits showrooms later this year it will have a front grille that is chrome styled, a new rear spoiler and larger and more stylish alloy wheels.

Power and a Quattro system

The car will contain a 280 BHP 2.0 litre engine which will be turbocharged. That is an outstanding 18 BHP more than the current Audi S3 model. The vehicle contains a Quattro all wheel driving system too, a feature that comes into great use during the winter months. There will an optional panoramic sunroof with the car, a wonderful feature.

The Volkswagen Group MQB platform

Volkswagen is planning to generalise vehicle platforms across all brands, introducing the Volkswagen Group MQB platform. We reported earlier this year that the Audi S3 will be one of the first vehicles to receive Volkswagen’s new MQB. This has been brought about by the company in order to save costs and production time. Another important factor is that of the weight of the vehicle being very low. The MQB platform encourages the use of aluminium panels which increase the vehicles fuel efficiency, handling and overall performance.

Sound good? The Audi S3 will cost over £30,000 when it is released next year. Rivals will include the Vauxhall Astra VXR and the 7th generation Volkswagen Golf GTI. Each vehicle poses unique features which will offer some special to the market in their own way. We believe that the Audi S3 is perhaps the best choice for it’s overall quality.