Audi have developed a bicycle that is so powerful that you will get a speed ticket. Reaching speeds of 50 mph, it is the fastest bicycle ever seen. Is this the Audi R8 of the bicycle world.

A bicycle that gives you a speeding ticket?

It is a concept bike, not quite yet ready for production. If it was released to the public, it may land you in hot water, especially if speeding on a 30 MPH road. Since when has anyone heard of a bicycle that can get you a speeding ticket?

The powerful electric motor

The bicycle has a great a deal of gadgets (just like an Audi R8). When we say that the bike will be able to hit speeds of 50 MPH, we don’t mean that it will be dependent on the cyclist. The bicycle will come with an electric motor which will come in handy for those cyclists who don’t have much stamina.

Different cycling modes

In a lot of Audi vehicles there are different driving modes such as Eco, Sport and Normal. Audi’s hybrid A3 is able to work on electric power alone, work as a petrol vehicle alone or a combination between the two. The Bicycle is similar to Audi vehicles when considering that. Different modes include the bike running on pure electric power or muscle power, with a combination of both also being made available to utilise.

Pure mode

Pure mode represents the bike being powered by the cyclist muscle’s only.


The total range of the vehicle is said to be up to 31 – 44 miles when in Pedelec mode, which mixes electric and the power of the muscle power of the cyclist.


eGrip mode allows the bicycle to run on pure electricity. In this mode, the vehicle can reach a top speed of 31 MPH.

Touch screen

The power of bicycle can be configured by the cyclist with the touch screen that has been placed onto the bicycle.

The Gripshift enables the bicycle to power on with the cyclist to control the forward momentum.

Smartphone technology

A Smartphone is also able to be connected to the Audi e-bike Worthersee. This enables plenty more options including the immobilizer being deactivated. Keeping up with social media trends, Audi have also enabled live streaming on the Internet through your Smartphone, all thanks to an in-helmet camera.

There are no official images of it being developed. We would however love to see the Audi e-bike Worthersee on the UK roads.