The Audi R8 is still a highly desirable and superb driving machine but it seems to have faded away over the last few years. Audi are hoping to use the Paris Motor Show as a springboard to bring the car back to life.

Although the car hasn’t changed dramatically, it has improved a great deal. The most eye catching news is the addition of S tronic twin clutch transmission. This will help deliver quicker gear changes, making the vehicle extremely fun to drive. The R tronic manual gearbox transmission of the previous generation was sacrificed. In terms of acceleration, there is not too much difference with 0.3 seconds being taken off the 0 – 62 MPH run.

The new Audi R8 V10 Plus adds an extra 25 BHP on the standard V10 model. In only 3.5 seconds the car will reach 0 – 62 MPH with a maximum top speed of 197 MPH when in S Tronic mode. For all of that power, you need strong and reliable brakes. The car is not let down in that respect, with Ceramic brakes. They do not run across the board however. Other R8’s will receive ventilated steel discs.

Here in the UK, there are set to be five arm double spoke wheels with 235/35 tyres at the front and thicker 295/30 tyres at the back of the car.
Changes to the car include a brand new single frame grille. This makes the car look more updated and stylish whilst keeping it’s traditional type of look. There is also a brand new bumper too. The V10 Plus has a Carbon fibre front splitter to go with it. Carbon fibre also appears on the outside mirror too along with the lateral air inlet and engine trims.

Every model will now get LED headlights. The daytime running lights at the front of the car come along with new generation indicators, which blink in a different type of manner. Inside the car comes a great deal of upgrades including more extensive use of Nappa leather, differently styled gearshift paddles and neat R8 badges around the cabin.

The Audi R8 will see it’s first deliveries at the beginning of 2013. Prices will start from £91,575 to £127,575. Very expensive but they are certainly well worth it.