The connected car of the year goes to the Audi A8.  The award is issued by Connected World magazine. The editorial team of the company selected the eventual winner based on a number of different criteria. The car will be on the front cover and profiled on the March edition of the magazine.

The Audi A8 managed to win the award thanks to the infotainment system which it adopts. This has now been widespread across many other Audi models.

The Audi Connect system – one a kind

It is not hard to see why the car managed to win the award. Audi Connect cars are the only vehicles in the world which are fully enabled with broadband. The Audi connect system was recognised for its sophisticated manner of combining safety, infotainment and convenience factors.

Special features within the Audi A8 that helped the car win this specific award include technology that is based on providing the car with more luxury and usability. The distraction free drive feature was a huge plus along with the music, Wi-Fi and video features built within.

Other vehicles using Audi Connect

The German luxury automakers have not just stopped with the Audi A8 containing the unique Audi Connect system. It is now available in the Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8, Audi Q7 as well as the Audi A4 and the Audi A5.

Keeping in touch with work and home from inside your car

Mike Carrozzo, the Chief Editor of Connected World magazine stated that customers now are keen to be kept in touch with their daily lives at home or work whilst they are in their vehicle. The Audi A8 manages to combine both paths in a superb manner.

Mr Carrozzo’s exact words were “Drivers have reached a point in which they are looking for a vehicle that is safe and reliable, and can keep them connected while on the road, just as they are able to while in the office or in their homes, and as consumers; we also want to be connected in a distraction-free environment. The connected cars named as winners for 2012 are certainly providing these options, and so much more.”

Optional features within the Audi A8

The car comes with optional adaptive cruise control, dynamic steering, night vision assistance which gives warnings of pedestrians up to 1000 feet away. These unique safety features help the car stand out and away from its rivals.