The Audi A6 Allroad will be released in February in the UK. Now in it’s third generation, the car promises to be a brilliant addition to the UK.

Reduction in weight

Since it’s original release back in 2000, the car has been quite a popular one. This time round 20 % of the car’s body is made up of aluminium. This means that 70 KG has been cut off compared to the current model in terms of overall bodyweight. As the car weighs less, there is s smaller amount of fuel force need to push and power the car, meaning fuel efficiency is greatly improved.

Exterior features

Wonderful exterior features help set the car apart from the rest. This comprises of larger side sills and wider wings. Double bars hold the car’s roof rails with stainless steel guards protecting both the front and rear.

Wheel arches

The wheel arches along with the sills and bumpers all have a different colour compared to the rest of the car’s body in the official images. We believe this quite an attractive specification. However they are also able to be painted as the same body colour if required.

Windscreen projection

Windscreen projection will be made available within the car too. This is quite a unique feature which shows the driver information on the actual windscreen whilst on the move.

MMI Navigation

There is also a MMI Navigation plus system installed that comes with a touchpad (otherwise known as MMI touch). The hard drive based system can also be voice controlled. A useful 8 inch monitor is enhances the whole system and makes it a lot easier to use.


Sound System

Extras include top of the range Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System that comes available with 15 speakers. There aren’t many other sound systems more advanced than this one.


Other extras

Passengers can connect to the internet through the car via Mobile Phone Preparation through UMTS. Drivers can check for real time updates on traffic thanks to Audi’s traffic information online function. This uses mobile phone signals in order to discover where traffic is or if there are any accidents.

Streaming of music and web radio is a wonderful option to have.

Google Earth and Google Street View can be accessed from inside the car along with POI search if the right options are selected.

We can’t wait for the Audi A6 Allroad to arrive here in the UK.