Earlier in the year we heard news of the Audi A5 e-tron Quattro being released. The car is expected to be in showrooms within two years.

The significance of this particular model is that it features Audi’s hybrid Quattro drive train. Within the Audi A5 2.0 litre TFSI Quattro, you get a prop shaft within the engine components. This car will have that replaced with an electric motor added to the rear axle that will work alongside the engine to provide more efficiency and sustainability. Combined with the petrol engine, the car is able to produce a total of around 314 BHP.

There is added room for a bank of lithium-ion batteries as well as a newly made 4 speed R-Tronic twin clutch gearbox as the propshaft has been removed.

The petrol engine is able to recharge the battery whilst the car is running. House hold plugs are also able to charge the battery too. In order to fully charge, they must be charged for around 2 hours. The car will be able to drive on solely electric power for 30 miles whilst not exceeding the speed of 62 MPH.

The Audi A5 is known as a luxurious and stylish car that offers a great performance too. The new e-tron Quattro version will not let you down in that respect, as it can reach a maximum of 142 MPH. In fact it is actually quicker than the current 2.0 petrol Audi A5 variant at the moment. In just 5.9 seconds, the car can hit 0-62 MPH which is 0.6 seconds faster than the 2.0 litre Audi A5. Another major reason for the new powertrain is to improve carbon emissions. The car emits a respectable figure of just 64g/km of C02.

Advanced software that works within the vehicle manages and deploys power to all wheels in a virtual fashion. The software monitors the amount of grip that each wheel has on the road and distributes power appropriately depending on which wheel requires it the most. This easily compensates for there being no link between the rear axle and the engine.

It doesn’t come as surprise that Audi are looking to the future by making the Audi A5 more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.
The fact the upcoming Audi A5 e-tron Quattro will use an electric motor and will be faster than the current 2.0 litre TFSI will be pleasing to many.