The-Audi-A5-CoupeThe question on the minds of many motoring journalists right now regards the popularity of coupes. Are they really that popular anymore? Are they in demand? Well of course they still sell, but they certainly are not as popular as they once were. The public have turned more towards smaller city vehicles with the rise of the crossover SUV being just one example. So, why are Audi releasing a new A5 coupe and specifically, why are they releasing a coupe which has undergone very little changes from its predecessor?

We can’t answer that question, but we can tell you all about the A5 if that helps. The A5 is a premium coupe which for 2017, will be released in its second generation. Sharing most of its DNA with the A4, there is very little which can distinguish it from its predecessor. It has evidently been placed upon the MLB platform which gives the vehicle a longer wheel base. Because of this, the A5 now has a bigger boot and more room for backseat passengers. This however begs the question of necessity; if room is required then surely the bigger A4, with four instead of two doors, would be the better option.

The powertrain on the other hand has seen a relatively good upgrade. Now equipped with a 282bhp 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine and an eight speed automatic gearbox, 0-60mph can be accomplished in 5.3 seconds and top speeds of 155mph can be reached too. Audi have certainly given the A5 a sportier feel, but they may have gone over the top in this case.

The interior is where the A5 excels. It sports the classic mixture of luxury and minimalism to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for drivers. The Audi 7 inch MMI infotainment system will take centre stage, whilst a 12.3 inch digital virtual cockpit will also play a beneficial role too. Overall, the biggest changes to the next generation Audi A5 coupe can be seen within the interior.

In the majority of departments the Audi A5 falls far behind their rivals. This makes us question why this project was ever undertaken. Maybe it will sell well to the Audi loyalists?