Today we review the brand new Audi A5 Coupe 3.0 TDI. It’s a magnificent car and lives up to the strong reputation which the car’s predecessors hold.

Fast and economical

Just by looking at the pictures, many would assume just how brilliant the car is. The two door coupe is capable of achieving 245 BHP. The seven speed S Tronic gearbox transmission allows the car to driven with thrill and excitement. But the whole point of opting for the TDI is the fact that it is able to deliver the best economy out of the whole coupe range.  Reports quote that the car will be able to achieve 50 MPG. Mixing performance and efficient is what Audi have done here perfectly.

With the car emitting just 149g/km, it doesn’t emit as much C02 as many people may have expected. Stop start technology is installed as many may have already expected, adding to the car’s economical benefits.

Many test drivers of the car have mentioned just how smooth the drive is. The car drives with elegance and hardly makes a sound. If you want to push the car further and really test it, then the V6 engine produces a spectacular sound. Owning the car pleasurable in the sense that it’s a quiet and smooth and it has the ability to drive with great speed and acceleration too.

Few design changes

There isn’t necessarily a lot of changes in terms of design. The headlights appear to be redesigned along with the bumpers, for an enhanced sportier look.

Quattro system

The Quattro four wheel drive system is a wonderful feature. It really does make a difference in the performance and stability with the car. It also works wonders in getting out of tricky situations, such as being stuck in snow.

Very unique vehicle

The Audi A5 will rival in to the upcoming BMW 4 Series. The car sits in a league of it’s own, with no other vehicles not the market at the moment rivalling the A5’s ability and characteristics. The BMW 3 Series Coupe is considered as being not as distinctive as the Audi A5 Coupe.