The 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe and the 2012 Audi A7 3.0T are two of the biggest rivals in the luxury coupe segment. These two cars have been totally redesigned and revamped for a brand new generation. Both look fabulous. With both they look stable, classy and athletic.

Unlike most sporty coupes these two have plenty of space too.The BMW Gran Coupe concept was originally shown off back in 2010. Their 640i has been a long time coming. Not many changes have been made from the concept version to the production version. As BMW 640i is good enough many would claim. However for an extra $1,300 the car could come with optional 20 inch alloy wheels. The technology within the vehicle is quite magnificent to say the least. There is plenty to keep you entertained and feel that you are in full control of the vehicle.

You have to have quite a lot of spare cash if you want one. There will be 315 BHP and 330 pound-feet of torque deriving from the vehicle. Power travels straight through to the back wheels, giving the car better control and agility.Prices will set you back around $76,895. The maximum amount you could end up paying will reach figures of $105,695. These include LED headlights which costs an extra $1,900, adaptive drive suspension which will cost an extra $2,500, M Sport trimming for $4,200, safety features of blind spot warning and lane departure warning systems for $3,700 and Ivory Nappy leather for more than Ivory Nappa leather $3,000.

The Audi A7 coupe in question is a lot cheaper, costing $60,995. Already they have the upper hand. Audi’s famous Quattro all wheel drive system is included. The car’s handling is sure to be spot on in that respect. The vehicle will be able to reach a maximum of 310 BHP with it’s 3.0 litre V6 engine, just 5 BHP off the BMW. As standard there are not as many features as there are on the BMW Gran coupe. The options list is endless.

These include 20 inch alloy wheels, sport suspension and steering wheel mounted gear shifts. Is the major price difference between the two cars justified? The BMW Gran Coupe looks stunning in person inside out and delivers the performance of a lifetime. The various driving modes which include eco pro, comfort plus, sport and sport plus offer enough variety for any sort of driver. The Audi A7 coupe is said to contain more agility and not to be worlds apart in terms of luxury and performance. In our opinion the BMW Gran Coupe is worth is the extra amounts of money if you have it. The spectacular price differences could be the winning factor however