The new Audi A6 has been tried and tested by many experts, leaving no one disappointed. There have been many great reviews so far leaving many to expect the new A6 to be a huge improvement on the last one.


The car has a stylish and elegant look about it. The look of sportiness stems from the body kit and larger wheels. It certainly comes across as an expensive car and will not look out of place amongst its rivals.

Smooth drive

Audi A6’s perform great on the road, with great handling and also being comfortable at the same time. Many will like the fact that the car runs smoothly over speed bumps. Cruising along the motorway will also be a comforting experience as noise levels are reduced within. The adaptive air suspension offers a smooth ride.


The new A6 comes with plenty of safety equipment to keep everyone as safe possible in the car. Six air bags along with stability and traction control are included as standard. Extra options available include a warning system for when the car strays out of lane and for blind spots.

Different variants

The 3.0 version had a supercharged V6 and produces up to 296bhp will have the Quattro 4 wheel drive. The 2.0 litre  version that can produce around 175bhp and also reach 0-60mph in just 8.2 seconds, an impressive statistic for a car in that class. The TDi diesels don’t let down in terms of speed and is also available in the Quattro 4 wheel drive mode.


The car has larger dimensions than the last, bringing about more room and space in the cabin. Extra legroom is a plus a spacious boot, with more space added with the rear seats folded. When practicality is concerned the A6 beats most of its rivals.

Inside the car

The interior is nicely designed, with many options available throughout the different variants. As standard a Google map satellite navigation system is installed. Better components come with SE models such as climate control, parking sensors, leather seats plus more. S Line’s will have sports seats inside.

Every Audi A6 has been welcome and always come with great reliability and quality. From what we have seen, the car will not let anyone down.