The Audi S3 will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. As the event draws closer and closer Audi have revealed more details about their main attraction.

We know now that the car will be able to produce 295 BHP, with a four cylinder engine. That means that the car will be 35 BHP faster than it’s previous model. In just 5.1 seconds the car will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH, a very fast time indeed and half a second faster than the previous generation. It’s economical at the same time, recording 40 MPG.

The 2.0 litre TFSI engine was developed in line with other Volkswagen products. The engine is turbocharged making it more powerful and faster. The direct injection technology helps to keep the car as economical as possible.

The car has sports seats made with a combination of Nappa and Alacantra leather and cloth.  The steering wheel will be flat bottomed, giving off a racing theme within. The pedals will be made of aluminium. Racing fans are sure to be pleased with the car, especially given the fact that it has a turbo boost gauge.

The car is now a 3 door sports car, with 2 doors being removed. A car with just 2 doors also oozes sportiness.
The Audi A3 has had a great weight loss helping to increase it’s economical benefits. The engine along with the car’s exterior body has gone through some extensive changes. Fuel economy is all important for Audi. They know that even fans with the need for speed are conscious of their fuel spend and the environment.

The car will come with Audi’s famous S tronic automatic gearbox transmission or a manual. The S tronic is slightly quicker in terms of acceleration but is worse off in terms of economy. Either selection will come down to personal choice of style, there is not too much difference in terms of the way the car performs.

The main foundation behind the car’s weight loss is it’s MQB structure. The Audi S3 is one of the first cars of the Volkswagen Group to receive it. The MQB structure is a way of Volkswagen bringing their group together and saving on costs