Audi have announced that they will offer a cool technology upgrade for their Audi A6 and Audi A7 sportback vehicle.

Many owners are sure to purchase the new offerings as they come available as new extras. Automotive reports have called it the “New Technology Package Advanced”

Plenty of new features

It’s a wonderful type of upgrade especially for those who love technology. The upgrade itself contains a powerful MMI navigation head unit which utilise Nvidia’s 3D graphics. There will be an eight inch resolution touch screen display and UTMS broadband connectivity which in effect allow the possibility of allowing Wi-Fi connection within your car. Google Earth helps drivers navigate their way around in quite a unique way, as utilising it with such advanced graphics and a high resolution screen is something that is quite rare within most vehicles on the road.

Hard drive

A 60 GB hard drive comes with the system. Drivers have more than enough space to store music and other forms of data. There are two SD card readers included too.

Safety features

Audi’s pre sense technology comes with the vehicles making them that extra bit safer on the roads. This essentially allows the driver to receive updates on the conditions of the roads though warning signals, which come in visual or acoustic form. If Audi’s pre sense system anticipates potential accidents, measures are taken such as a tightening of seat belts. Windows as well as the sunroof is closed. The brakes are applied lightly or full on depending on how close and how damaging the impact may be.

Adaptive cruise control adds an extra element of road safety along with a blind spot warning system. Active lane assist helps keep in the car in lane whenever it may stray off course.

The Adaptive cruise control in particular is quite intelligent and advanced. It uses a number of different systems to adapt the car’s speed and course depending on the situation.

The Audi A7 will get an extra feature. The new head up feature will project navigation as well as entertainment information on the windscreen. It’s safe too, so that the driver will not be distracted. If it’s the Audi A7 package you want, it will cost £3,750 on top of the price of the car. The Audi A6 package will cost £3,250.