New-Audi-TTThe highly anticipated third generation Audi TT has been revealed unofficially. Images have been leaked before it is shown at the Geneva Motor Show.  We have been teased with partial images of the vehicle by Audi with ‘teaser’ shots for a number of weeks.


Hint of the R8

The model in the images appears to be the Audi TT-S, which is the sporty variant of the vehicle. The larger alloys wheel and larger air vents are placed upon the new TT in the image. It appears that the vehicle has kept it’s classic coupe shape. To the delight of many fans it also appears that the TT has also been influenced from the design of supercar the Audi R8. There is also an influence from the Allroad Shooting Brake concept.

What most fans will immediately notice is the newly design sharp LED headlights as well as the larger front grille. Audi’s four ring logo has been transferred from the grille to the bonnet (which is the case with the R8 too). Quad exhausts give away that feeling of enormous power along with a rear diffuser. These two particular features give claim to those who think that it is a TT-S model.



The MQB platform, which has been mentioned numerous times in our blog underpins the vehicle. This platform is Volkswagen’s way of simplifying the production of all of their brands. The MQB platform is also placed within the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3, The benefits mechanically mean that the new generation Audi TT will be more agile and lighter. The weight loss is aided by the fact that there is a part aluminium construction which helps lose weight of around 60kg.



The TT-S will have a modified 2.0 litre TFSI engine which is able to develop a massive 300 BHP. The standard TT’s will come with a range of four cylinder petrol and diesel engines. These will have power outputs of 180 BHP and 220 BHP.

We do expect the car to perform successfully on the UK car market when released. It’s an iconic coupe which has always turned heads thanks to it’s eye catching design, class and power.

Full details on the new generation Audi TT will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show when it is officially shown to the world. Experts believe it will have a price tag of approximately £25,000.