The 2017 Audi TT RS is a vehicle that has most certainly turned a lot of heads in the motoring world. Not only does it look stunning, its technical statistics are good enough to rival those of any other supercars available on the market. So, even with all these fabulous features, how can the German company ensure that the already prized Audi TT RS has limited edition features?


Well, one way of doing this, is by adding extra paint options to an already large and luxurious range. One new exterior colour which features on the Audi and has been widely talked about in the motoring world is lime green. It is an outrageous colour which with any other vehicle would look atrocious. But, the TT RS pulls it off superbly. Contrasted with jet black and carbon fibre, the vehicle looks as if it belongs on the Fast and Furious movie set. There are also bigger 20inch rims, a Quattro GmbH exhaust and Matrix LED headlights which have given the limited edition TT RS an even more muscular, sporty and aggressive edge.

The interior has also undergone a transformation in order to keep up appearances. The black leather interior, lined with ‘cloud grey’ stitching, perfectly counters the wild exterior colour.

The vehicle has received no upgrades to its internal components and therefore keeps its original technical statistics. Installed is a 2.5 litre turbo charged engine and a seven speed clutch which manages to produce 400hp, 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and hit top speeds of 155mph.

The Audi TT RS certainly is a special car, and aesthetics is definitely one of its main selling features. The lime green custom paint job has only increased its aesthetic appeal. Sadly, the paint job is a part of collection so there will be limited vehicles in this colour in limited areas. But, it may be worth flicking through the Audi exclusive catalogue as there are multiple customisable options available. Have a look, you may find an exclusive paint job which suits your fancy…

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