Has-Audi-TT-RS-sold-out-alreadyFor all the fans of the Audi TT RS with pockets deep enough to come up with the £51,800 necessary to buy it, those who’ve not yet parted with the cash may already be too late. And even if you can get your hands on one that’s not yet been sold, it’s likely you’ll be paying a fair amount more than was originally advertised, seeing as Audi UK have had to take its allocation of cars, pre-specced from the factory.

At the last viewing, the TT RS had been removed from the Audi UK customer website. When it was still there last week; the listing was footnoted with the caption “Audi UK has been allocated an extremely limited number of cars. No factory orders available, Centre stock only.” It looks as if it may have been a case of first come, first served with regards to the TT RS.

It’s said that only roughly 200 were allocated in the first batch of the TT RS, meaning that the highly desirable roadster could be an extremely rare car on the UK’s roads – at least for the time being. A spokesman for the division said more had been requested, but no guarantees had yet been given as to whether it would be obliged. The reason given for the shortfall was that apparently, Audi has a limited capacity to produce the five-cylinder turbo, and US demand for the pending RS3 saloon had bumped the production.

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