Audi is set to take part in the CeBIT fair for the very first time it has been confirmed.CeBIT fair is the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions. At the fair will be a banner reading Audi connect where the company will display their mobile applications IT solutions.

Wireless communication of the future (4G)

They will display how Audi cars interact with the internet too. Not only that but projections on how to enhance car connectivity with LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution (otherwise known as 4G). This is the future of wireless communication technology. It will be the fastest around and far better than previous technologies when it is released. This is a long way off however as LTE networks are only starting to be built.

Audi’s unique Modular Infotainment Platform

Also at the event will be the MIB, Audi’s modular infotainment platform. This will be introduced in the new Audi A3 which will be displayed at the CeBIT fair. This unique type platform will allow the owners to upgrade their system’s hardware and software whenever they choose. Customers will now be updated with the latest in electronics inside their car. When purchasing a car, the in car entertainment that comes with it could be outdated in a matter of months, with the next version of the car not being released for years. The MIB platform puts an end to those types of worries, seeing as the electronic development lifecycle is a lot quicker than that of the car industry.

Audi’s connect system

The new Audi Connect system will contain a touchpad integrated rotary pushbutton. This was originally showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January. It makes life a whole lot easier when attempting to control functions within the car.

Audi’s concepts for individual urban mobility

In addition to all of this, Audi will also showcase their concepts for individual urban mobility. There will be five concepts in total.

Audi are making great progress in bringing cars together with IT. This is the way of the future as car’s become closer to IT every day. New technology is being developed daily in terms of in car entertainment, fuel efficiency and more. In car internet access is something that will prove to be monumental in the upcoming years. Audi have already gained many steps ahead and have got an advantage at present compared to other car manufactures.