Audi have not yet released any form of hybrid vehicles but are well underway with research and development for their iHEV model.

Their technology may be some of the best ever on a hybrid. At present, they are working on a coasting hybrid technology. This will essentially form a high power starter motor which acts as a stop start system. During the car’s journey, the engine will be able to be switched on and off to save on fuel and energy. However it’s not a typical start stop system. Audi plan to take it a step further. They now plan to keep the car driving without the engine running altogether. The iHEV will continue to drive with Audi capturing the car’s momentum and exploiting its gravity to continue its journey, without the need for start stop technology.

According to Audi themselves, the car will be able to coast along with the engine off for just over a kilometre. Stop start technology is now a common system within plenty of road vehicles. To begin with it was only a feature typically available within luxury cars but now plenty of passenger family vehicles now contain the system. None of these vehicles will be able to drive like the iHEV.

The hybrid car will be based upon the Audi A7. Audi have developed another economical system called the Predictive Efficiency Assistant. This clever piece of technology records speed limits, road gradient levels and road signs. With that information, the iHEV will then predict what the car should do in order to act as economical as possible. Audi’s navigation system will work together with the Predictive Efficiency Assistant to capture all data needed.

hat means that when you are the driving, the system will anticipate when you should brake and allow the car to coast along whilst the engine is off. Speed limits will not be a concern at all with the car recognising the correct speed and following that to a tee.
It’s unique technology doesn’t end there. The car also contains a 48V lithium-ion battery that is stored in the boot, which is powered by a 48V electrical system. An electric belt drive starter motor is also built in.

Even information about the car’s rolling resistance and drag is neatly recorded. If the vehicle has extra storage such a bike attached, all of this is taken into account when the software makes calculations.
What more technology will Audi add to the iHEV?