Audi are set to showcase three new models at the Delhi Expo next year.

New models

The Indian version of the Frankfurt Motor Show is the biggest of its kind in India. Audi are already looking to make a huge impact by showcasing the Audi A3 e-tron sedan, their unique S6 limousine variant and an unseen version of the Q Series, which is expected to make to attract plenty of attention.

Audi India meeting targets

Audi India is currently performing very well in the country. They are set to reach their sales target of 5,000 for the year. Although that target is just half of what Mercedes-Benz and market leaders BMW expect to sell, this means that the company are making progress unlike their German counterparts.

Michael Perschke, who is charge of Audi India operations, said that India is just as important as the other two biggest worldwide car industries, the USA and China. He said “India stands next to important Audi markets such as China and USA, and is poised to become a bigger volume generator. Keeping in mind the bigger potential, we will also showcase some new vehicles and technology new options for our customer as we plan to maintain our lead in sales growth next year too.”

Showcasing different technology

Audi will also showcase different engineering methods at the show, showing their desire to keep up the pace at the top.

The ‘Ultra’ engine technology represents light weight materials being used. The specific type of technology gives us an insight into the future of the Audi and automotive industry. Lightweight cars are a way of reducing the fuel consumption and C02 emissions of cars. It also increases the performance to some extent, as there will be a lot less drag involved.

The strategy in which Audi India is planning for the future seems to have a more aggressive tone to it. The new models planning to be showcased at the motor show will be for those who enjoy a bit of power with a luxurious feel.

There’s more

That’s not all. An Audi appearance at a motor show wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular Audi R8. Fans won’t be disappointed as the R8 along with other cars in the line-up will be displayed.

Will Audi India take centre stage at the Delhi Auto Show?