Audi have sold 4,000 cars this year in India. This represents a substantial increase after selling just over 5,000 last year.

Audi’s sales have increased by 43 per cent during the first six months of the year. Sales in June alone hit 718 cars. In June 2011 Audi sold only 408. This represents an increase of 76 per cent, an astonishing achievement. The Audi Q3 played a major role in helping the company’s sales increase. 500 Q3’s were ordered in just 5 days. Audi then opened bookings for extra Q3’s to be ordered.

Audi are extremely confident that they can continue their strong growth spurt in the country and meet their highly ambitious targets. Their new portfolio of vehicles is being taken to extremely well. Audi’s reputation is continuing to get stronger and stronger with their German rivals of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, who currently occupy the number one and two spot in India looking over their shoulder.

Audi India has now reached 804,000 fans on Facebook, which is quite an achievement. They have won 27 motor awards in the country which really says it all.

Audi’s sales target in India last year was 5,000. This time round Audi in 2012 they hope to sell 8,000. Audi may not be the number one luxury car maker in India at present but they are the fastest growing. They hope to hit that number one mark by the year 2015.

Audi were confirmed in the number 2 spot in March earlier this year, overtaking Mercedes-Benz.

Half the year has passed and half the target has already been achieved. It appears that Audi’s strategy is clearly on track, to a tee.

Michael Perschke, the Head of Audi India’s operations said “Ours is a dynamic brand and we have set the pace for our next level of growth in India. Our product portfolio, innovative marketing initiatives and focus on dealer expansion are some of the prime drivers in this competitive scenario. With the help of our robust consumer propositions, we are also confident of further boosting our sales despite the economic challenges like high fuel prices, inflation, reduction in retail loans and rupee devaluation”

Audi have released the Audi Q3, Q5, Q7, the magnificent R8, RS5 and the TT Coupe in India. These vehicles will be spread into 25 showrooms by the end of the year. Currently Audi have 19