The Audi RS6 is a brilliant piece of machinery. Coming with a huge price tag, the car is able to generate more power than it looks like it could. It is also a diverse car, with it being an estate it’s also suitable for families. What more can you ask for?

We look at some of the best points about the car.

Wonderful performance

The performance is the cars strongest points. The car is limited to 155mph, with the potential top speed certainly capable of exceeding for beyond that. A 5.0 Litre V10 engine sits within, with the car able to produce a mind blowing 571bhp and 470lb of torque. The engine is also within the Lamborghini Gallardo, which says a lot about the power. The car is able to reach 0-62mph in an extremely quick 4.4 seconds.

The gear changes are also instant with the 6 speed tiptronic gearbox, with very short interchanges. When driving, you are able to pick up pace very quickly. Quattro technology within helps make it a stable and fun car to drive.

Extremely responsive steering and great handling too, it’s hard to find a sports car that is more exciting than this, let alone an estate.  Despite the car’s large size, there plenty of agility within making it feel smaller than it actually is.


After reading the article so far, it must be very hard to believe that the car is actually an estate. The RS6 can carry a tremendous 1,660 litres worth of luggage. The pure size of the car makes it extremely practical for the modern day family. There is plenty of leg and head room within, allowing adults to sit comfortably in the back and front.


Below is some of the equipment that comes as standard

  • Bluetooth
  • MP3 adaptable music player
  • BOSE Stereo system
  • Sat-nav viewable in a 7inch colour screen
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 20-inch alloys,
  • Dynamic Ride Control sports suspension
  • Adaptive xenon headlights

Audi RS6  is built with quality throughout, as you would expect from a £80,000 (Approx) car. If you are prepared to pay the amount, you will be getting quite possibly the best estate car ever built.