The motoring world knows all about the Audi R8. The R8 is the supercar which has been turning heads since it was first released. The motoring world also knows all about the A8, which stands as Audi’s flagship saloon car. With all of these vehicles that perform so well, what is the Audi S8 Plus, and what should we be expecting for the German luxury performance company?

The Audi S8 Plus will become the flagship vehicle in the company’s more sports based ‘S’ line. The best way to describe the vehicles capabilities is to take the already highly esteemed A8, add better internal components, a new trim and a slight internal and external change, and then you will have the S8. The S8 Plus is a world class vehicle and you will only be able to agree with us after it has been explained in full.


In essence, the S8 Plus will be a sporty extended saloon with an absolutely incredible range of internal technical statistics. Cleverly hiding a 4.0 litre V8 engine which produces 605hp and 516 lb of torque, the car can do 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds and hit top speeds of 155mph. This top speed has however been capped at 155mph but, can and will do better if an optional package is selected. This package will include carbon ceramic brake rotors and the higher top speeds.

So the vehicle is an absolute monster, but has ingeniously been extremely well hidden by the vehicles subtle exterior. There are multiple aspects of Carbon Fibre changes which can be found on the vehicle, the lines are smooth and an exclusive silver matte paint is offered by Audi for this vehicle only. The vehicle in no way looks as if it will be able to perform in the way it does and we like that it doesn’t.

The technology and the interior of the S8 Plus is what you would expect from a flagship Audi. It is spacious yet full of the most modern and innovative technology in the automotive world right now and that’s coming from Audi too.

The S8 Plus is one of the first vehicles of its type. Not one company has managed to combine a saloon, executive and sports car and make it that luxurious. But it is however a vehicle worth purchasing if you have around £100,000 spare…

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