Fast, not furious; the new Audi R8 V10 Plus proves it has a need for some serious speed.

The new incarnation of Audi’s R8 is the fastest production Audi ever, and most of the credit should goes to Audi’s Le Mans racing programme as it turns out that this road ready version has adopted nearly half of the racetrack versions components.


The assistance by Le Mans means that the V10 Plus has some speed statistics that will give even the sturdiest of speed-junkies whiplash just thinking about. A 0-100km/h time of 3.2s and a top speed of 330km/h makes this kind of car one you should take out on the open roads, rather than to your local high street. The other thing that might make this car a rare sight on the high street is its price tag – $389,900 (approximately £275,000).  The staggering speed comes courtesy of its 5.2l FSI engine which generates 610hp, and a new aluminium-and-carbon frame. This engineering is heavily borrowed from the racetrack equivalent, and the road-safe version also comes equipped with Audi’s new Quattro all-wheel drive system – which is frankly a relief because trying to keep all that horse power under control can’t be the easiest of tasks – as well as their Drive Select driving modes which allow you to pick an option to suit the mood you’re in.

The R8 V10 Plus comes packed with top of the range tech inside to match the top of the range design work. There’s a laser lighting system which springs to life once you cross 60 miles per hour, the MMI touch interface, and over twenty buttons on the steering wheel so the focus is never shifted from enjoying the drive itself. Possibly as a subtle wink to its Le Mans racing DNA, you can even tweak the exhaust sound using one of the buttons. The feature that really stands out though is the Virtual Cockpit, which does away with the clutter of instruments and ‘things’ (as we like to believe is the true technical term) and in its place is a customisable, high-contrast display. On this display a driver can easily check things such as tyre pressure and temperature without any hassle needed.