It’s a funny thing – schadenfreude, but you can’t help smiling when you hear about the owner of the £120,000 Audi supercar who totalled his pride and joy after accidentally accelerating out of a roundabout during a ‘race off’ with another car.

The ludicrously hi-performance car is capable of speeds of up to 197mph, but these are probably not the sort of velocity you want to be travelling at should there be a lamp-post in your way.

This was the fate that befell this ‘Audi driver’ when he mistakenly hit the wrong pedal as he exited the roundabout.

Ending up backwards in a bush, the back wheel knocked out of place and the undercarriage crushed and mangled, it was lucky no-one was hurt during the shunt.

The Audi met its untimely demise as drivers left a supercar event being held nearby.

The footage thankfully found its way onto Facebook with the caption: ‘Footage of an Audi R8 losing rear control earlier today in Preston UK. It didn’t end too well.’

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