Audi’s-Top-Tech-Sliding-DownAudi are well known as one of the automotive companies who attempt to be at the forefront of new technologies. When new technologies are introduced, the flagship cars always benefit first before the technology seeps down to the models below it. It has been reported that some of Audi’s best technology will soon start featuring in different model series. The technology involved in this change is engine based and will feature in the 2017 SQ5.

The Audi SQ7 was the first vehicle to ever be fitted with 48v electric system which powers a compressor. This technology will now be fitted to the up and coming 2017 SQ5, allowing it to top the power that the previous SQ5 had. The previous model featured a 3.0 litre V6 engine, the changes will mean that the 2017 model will have an added 55bhp bringing the total to 390bhp.

The 48v electric compressor system will be able to run in sync with a single exhaust driven turbo-charging system rather than a twin turbo. This will therefore allow for a huge reduction in lag and the ability to cut heat loss from the exhaust system. The combination of the two, and especially the reduction in the loss of heat, will benefit fuel efficiency as it relies on high temperatures to operate at its maximum potential.

The current SQ5 accounts for 21 percent of Audi’s sales in the UK. The 48v technology isn’t the only new piece of equipment which will feature in the new SQ5 as it will also feature Audi’s Valvelift System (AVS) amongst many other technologies.

Although we have only mentioned engine related technologies, we are sure that the 2017 Audi SQ5 will come equipped with multiple other upgrades which will ensure that the vehicle will sell better than ever before…