This car is great addition to the 4×4 market. As the car is developed by such a reputable brand, the Audi Q7 displays the look of a very stylish car.

It’s quite a safe and secure car. Alarms are fitted in every newer model and there are airbags around the car as standard.

The car isn’t necessarily an off roader specialist. It’s more focus to performing well on the road, which is a great selling point. It’s an agile car that can handle corners pretty well.

You get a choice of having five, sex or seven seats. The seats can be adjusted to suit different comfort levels such as providing more legroom. The front passenger seat has a generous amount of space.

Audi Q7’s have a nicely designed interior. It’s a car that has a sporty look on the outside too.

Servicing your Audi Q7

We can offer you up to 60% off your Q7 service. We make everything convenient for you by collecting your car on the day of the service and delivering it back. The car’s warranty is not affected and all parts and labour are guaranteed for 1 year.